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April 28, 2008

Just a quick post about my new favorite mini series this week.  It’s called “Carrier” and airs on PBS.  It follows various people who work on a navy air craft carrier.  I totally happened upon this last night and couldn’t stop watching.  The rest of the series airs this week about 9pm PT. Totally interesting . . .


No Words

April 28, 2008

I never thought I’d hear these words from my 5 1/2 year old.  But to my disappointment and utter disgust, this is what he said to me while walking around naked from the waist down, “Mom, I need your help.  I accidently dropped the nail clippers in the toilet that has all my poo poo in it.” (Of course the hub is out of town!)  This is so gross on many levels. The obvious one is the pot filled with poo & large toe nail clippers sitting at the bottom, but also the fact that he got up off the pot to go to his room and get the clippers, then go sit back down on the pot and try to clip his toe nails. Who does this?

Anyways, the clippers have been retrieved and thrown out in the trash. Nuff said.


scrap day!

April 28, 2008

Every year I look forward to Gina Stary’s national scrapbook day workshop.  I’ve been making scrapbooks since 1995, and love the creative outlet it gives me.  This day long workshop was Saturday and it was my first time being away from the babe for the whole day. Daddy did a great job with both kids on his own (maybe a visit to the Moshers helped!)  And I had a great day scrapping with good friends like Holli, Sandra, & Dawn. I have to say a word about Holli.  You know someone is a true friend when they go into the restroom with you while you pump.  Not only did she help, she kept me company and we had a good 15 minute visit 3 times that day in the ladies room!  What memories!

Gina is my Creative Memories consultant whom I’ve known since 1999.  She’s awesome and puts on a great workshop and feeds us well.  What was fun when I got home was showing Jay what I’d worked on.  It just tickles me so much how much he loves looking at scrapbooks and remembers the things we’ve done.  Gina’s next big workshop will probably be this summer, and I’m already looking forward to it! Who else wants to come?

This last picture was from the end of the day.  There’s me, Sandra, Holli & Dawn with Gina in front.

chocolate pearls

April 22, 2008

godiva chocolates have got to be the best. in the last 10 years or so my taste for chocolate has shifted from milk chocolate that i grow up as a kid knowing to (in my thinking) the more mature taste for dark chocolate.  i really can’t even eat milk chocolate anymore because it just doesn’t taste right to me. well my friend SGM introduced me to godiva’s can of dark chocolate pearls!  i was probably 7 months pregnant at the time when a blessed  can of these “pearls” was given to me while visiting her house.  needless to say, i devoured the can!  i have later come to find that there are approximately 8 servings in one can!  the person that decided that was obviously crazy because clearly one can is one serving.  these chocolate pearls do come in milk chocolate & dark chocolate mint as well as the good ole dark chocolate.  

this can is the last can that i’ve been saving since SGM gave me a few right before Kellen was born.  Jay has since found it and keeps coming up to me shaking my pearls and asking for some “chocolate balls” as he calls them.  i’ve kept him at bay and i still have my can of pearls to look forward to when i absolutely have to have 8 servings and RIGHT NOW!

2 months old

April 20, 2008

Our little “Aunt Jemima” is two months old today!  We love her so!aunt jemima hat

Snow Day!

April 20, 2008

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Back in March, Jay, Papa and I went up to Big Bear to “FIND SOME SNOW” before it all melted. And boy, did we!

Kellen Rae’s Birth – 2.20.08, 7:07pm

April 17, 2008

In June we found out we were expecting baby number two. We were so excited to be having another baby. As many of you know, we’d been trying to get pregnant for about three years. That spring, Jay had even started asking why we didn’t have any other kids in our family. I suggested he start praying about it, which is what he did! I would overhear these sweet prayers coming from the backseat, asking God to send us a baby girl. God answered our prayers, and we were thankful. Actually, I feel more than thankful . . .

I was very sick in the beginning of this pregnancy which was different from my first. It wasn’t until the beginning of October that I really started feeling better. As with our first baby, we wanted to be surprised by the gender, much to the disappointment of both grandmas who were dying to find out if it was a boy or a girl! Thankfully my pregnancy was uneventful and healthy. Our biggest dilemma was coming up with a boy’s name and girl’s name. We had such a hard time narrowing our choices down.

As the story goes, I started contractions about 3am on Feb. 20th, just one day after my due date. I had thoroughly cleaned and dusted my bedroom the day before. I guess my body knew it was time! Jay had a school performance that morning to celebrate the 100th day of kindergarten, so Mike went to video tape. I totally figured that this baby would be coming that night or the next day based on how Jay’s delivery went. So I was thinking we had plenty of time. As it turned out, when I called the doctor’s office at 9am to just “let them know” what was going on, they said, come on down to labor & delivery now! I was floored. I said, “but my contractions are not consistent, or terribly hard yet! Are you sure?” They said yes, they wanted me checked out! So I texted Mike with the news, and he came home. Luckily, Jay’s performance and activities were already winding down so Mike didn’t miss a thing! And Papa was set to pick up Jay from school just in case…

We loaded up and made our way to Orange Coast Memorial. They got me situated and monitored me for about an hour. When they called Dr. Good-Lookin’ (no, really, my ob/gyn is really good looking! it is a nick name that Mike came up with!) to let him know that I was dialated at 1cm, he said I could go home. I knew it was too early!!! MIke and I went around the block to the Corner Bakery for lunch. I continued to have contractions all during lunch and they were getting a little stronger, but not unbearable. We realized that I had a doctor’s appointment that day at 2:30, so we waited until the office reopened after lunch at 1:30pm and asked if they still wanted to see me and could we come early?

So once we were in the exam room and Dr. Good-Lookin’ checked me, he declared that I was a 4+cm, and having this baby today! He even thought I was probably more like 5cm at the height of each contraction. He told us to walk back over to the hospital because I was staying now!!!

My folks made it down to wait at the hospital, and Mike’s folks picked Jay up from school and brought him to the hospital so he could see me before having the baby. Mike’s sister and her family were there as well as our dear friend Sheryl.

After having the epidural, things eased up for me, and I just tried to rest. As it turns out, when Mike left me at around 5:30 to get something to eat with the families, Dr. G-L arrived to break my water. At that point he said I was 8cm, so I knew it would be soon. They had a guy from the front desk, track Mike down in the cafeteria, telling him his wife needed him now!

Mike made it back in time and soon after Dr. G-L said I could start pushing. It took about a half hour or so of pushing, but finally our little girl made her first appearance! They put her on my chest right away, and I got to hold her. When they announced that it was a girl, I couldn’t believe it. I thought that since I looked pretty much the same as when I had Jay, that it was probably a boy again. Also, Mike and I had the most trouble with boys’ names, so again, I figured that would be what we had. But we were delighted to have a girl. She was strong from the beginning and when she weighed in at 8lbs, 8ozs, I knew why it seemed harder delivering her then it was Jay. She was big!! He was only 6lbs, 14ozs and a week over due!

We had a room full of nurses cheering us on for the delivery. I guess because most people find out the gender of the baby before having it, all the nurses were anxious to find out if it was a boy or girl. The shift change happened at 7pm, so my first L/D nurse stayed and my new one was there along with 2 baby nurses, Dr. G-L, and some other nurses that I didn’t even notice before. What we didn’t realize until this point was that there was a total lunar eclipse that was happening during her birth. We later looked it up on the news, and found out that she was born during the full eclipse period. I also checked out some time elapsed video on you tube, so I feel like I got the gist of what was happening beyond our little world!

About a half hour after her birth, Mike went out to the waiting room to get Jay. He was going to be the first one to see the baby and find out if he got what he “wished for.” It was precious to see Jay so interested in his new baby sister, especially the umbilical cord. Even Dr. G-L came back in to see Jay’s reaction to the baby. (Jay had come with me to every doctor’s appointment except for two, so Dr. G-L had gotten to know him. Dr. G-L also delievered Jay!) Then Jay was given the privilege of announcing to the world (okay, waiting room) the baby’s gender. Mike had to pretty much book it to keep up with Jay. He proudly flung the door open and announced “it’s a girl” with Mike just barely catching it on video. With our families hooting and hollering with excitement, one of the nurses from the nursery had to come and shush them.

And so we’ve just been getting to know our little girl and adjusting to life as a family of four. Jay’s been great with her. He truly delights in her and loves her. She also loves watching him and rewards him with lots of smiles and coos whenever he’s near her. My prayer is that even though they are 5 1/2 years apart in age, that they will grow up and be close in spirit!

New Obsession

April 16, 2008

I am currently hooked on the show Jon & Kate plus 8. It is a reality show that follows the lives of Jon & Kate and their 8 kids, one set of twins and a set of sextuplets! The show just makes me happy, I can’t explain it, but I even love the theme music. I think the thing I love is that I see glimpses of us in their relationship. It just makes me laugh and feel like we are not the only ones that have “moments!” I especially love watching the show with Mike. (I think he likes the show a lot too, but gets more of a kick out of how much I love the show!) The best part of the show, in my opinion is not all the kids, but Jon & Kate. They crack me up! So set your TiVo to catch the next episode!

hello 38!

April 6, 2008

today is my birthday! i have found that as i’ve gotten older, birthdays sneak up on you. as a kid, i counted down the months for my birthday to arrive, and when it did, i felt “sparkly” all day. that “sparkly” feeling lasted for years, well into my twenties. but as the years go by, the day starts to feel more ordinary. now i’m not saying i don’t feel loved by friends and family, because i do! it’s just not so much about me anymore as it is my family, namely the kids. i see the same anticipation i had in jay. he’s already talking about what he’d like his party to be like and who he’d like to come. his birthday is in august!

i think i like getting older. i would like to think that with age comes maturity and wisdom. hopefully that is true in my case. i look forward to some spaghetti factory dinner tonight, and just hanging out with the family. jay is all excited to give me his card, and i’m sure it will be one of my favorites.

ever since jay was born there is a birthday tradition when babies are in the house. no poopie diapers for the birthday girl! mike will be in charge of all of those today!

this birthday i will miss being with my twin sister, debbie. it seems like most every year we see each other on our actual birthday. but this year, she’s in texas. the only other birthday that i remember being apart was back in 1990 when i was in greece on spring break from my semester in england. that was 18 years ago! this birthday will be mellower . . . but as long as i’ve got my little family around me, i’ll embrace 38 and move on!

then you’ll be an old lady

April 3, 2008

sometimes the things my kid says catches me off guard. for instance, the other day while i was dressing kellen, jay was standing next to me talking to her. he informed her (in his sing songy voice that he uses to talk to her) that she was a baby, then she’ll be a kid, then someday she’ll be a grown-up, then she’ll be an old lady and then die. really, what more is there to say?