hello 38!


today is my birthday! i have found that as i’ve gotten older, birthdays sneak up on you. as a kid, i counted down the months for my birthday to arrive, and when it did, i felt “sparkly” all day. that “sparkly” feeling lasted for years, well into my twenties. but as the years go by, the day starts to feel more ordinary. now i’m not saying i don’t feel loved by friends and family, because i do! it’s just not so much about me anymore as it is my family, namely the kids. i see the same anticipation i had in jay. he’s already talking about what he’d like his party to be like and who he’d like to come. his birthday is in august!

i think i like getting older. i would like to think that with age comes maturity and wisdom. hopefully that is true in my case. i look forward to some spaghetti factory dinner tonight, and just hanging out with the family. jay is all excited to give me his card, and i’m sure it will be one of my favorites.

ever since jay was born there is a birthday tradition when babies are in the house. no poopie diapers for the birthday girl! mike will be in charge of all of those today!

this birthday i will miss being with my twin sister, debbie. it seems like most every year we see each other on our actual birthday. but this year, she’s in texas. the only other birthday that i remember being apart was back in 1990 when i was in greece on spring break from my semester in england. that was 18 years ago! this birthday will be mellower . . . but as long as i’ve got my little family around me, i’ll embrace 38 and move on!


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