chocolate pearls


godiva chocolates have got to be the best. in the last 10 years or so my taste for chocolate has shifted from milk chocolate that i grow up as a kid knowing to (in my thinking) the more mature taste for dark chocolate.  i really can’t even eat milk chocolate anymore because it just doesn’t taste right to me. well my friend SGM introduced me to godiva’s can of dark chocolate pearls!  i was probably 7 months pregnant at the time when a blessed  can of these “pearls” was given to me while visiting her house.  needless to say, i devoured the can!  i have later come to find that there are approximately 8 servings in one can!  the person that decided that was obviously crazy because clearly one can is one serving.  these chocolate pearls do come in milk chocolate & dark chocolate mint as well as the good ole dark chocolate.  

this can is the last can that i’ve been saving since SGM gave me a few right before Kellen was born.  Jay has since found it and keeps coming up to me shaking my pearls and asking for some “chocolate balls” as he calls them.  i’ve kept him at bay and i still have my can of pearls to look forward to when i absolutely have to have 8 servings and RIGHT NOW!


2 Responses to “chocolate pearls”

  1. Mom Says:

    Julie, I really the the chocolate pearls blog. It cracked me up about Jay “shaking my pearls” and him calling them “chocolate balls”. Love the story.

  2. Amy Says:

    Julie, Not only do I fanatically watch Jon and Kate, but like you as I have “matured” my taste has gone toward dark chocolate (also, once I heard it is “good” for you, it is now health food and necessary part of the diet). I convinced Andrew that anything that is dark chocolate is yucky and he would be much happier with the milk chocolate…so far it has worked, I gave him really bitter dark chocolate once and now he makes sure to ask me before eating chocolate if he would like it. I need to try these chocolate pearls!


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