scrap day!


Every year I look forward to Gina Stary’s national scrapbook day workshop.  I’ve been making scrapbooks since 1995, and love the creative outlet it gives me.  This day long workshop was Saturday and it was my first time being away from the babe for the whole day. Daddy did a great job with both kids on his own (maybe a visit to the Moshers helped!)  And I had a great day scrapping with good friends like Holli, Sandra, & Dawn. I have to say a word about Holli.  You know someone is a true friend when they go into the restroom with you while you pump.  Not only did she help, she kept me company and we had a good 15 minute visit 3 times that day in the ladies room!  What memories!

Gina is my Creative Memories consultant whom I’ve known since 1999.  She’s awesome and puts on a great workshop and feeds us well.  What was fun when I got home was showing Jay what I’d worked on.  It just tickles me so much how much he loves looking at scrapbooks and remembers the things we’ve done.  Gina’s next big workshop will probably be this summer, and I’m already looking forward to it! Who else wants to come?

This last picture was from the end of the day.  There’s me, Sandra, Holli & Dawn with Gina in front.


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