3 months old


I can’t believe it was been exactly 3 months since Kellen was born.  In the beginning when a new baby is born, it seems like time stands still.  Between the constant feeding schedule, and healing from the delivery, a week just seems like such a long time.  Now here we are 3 months down the road.  I can’t express just how blessed I feel to have both her and Jay.  Children really do bring so much joy and laughter into life. She has just recently started laughing, which is just too much fun. We took some video of her today laughing.  I’ll try to get it posted in the next few days.


One Response to “3 months old”

  1. Katie Says:

    I can’t believe that she is 3 months old now! It seems like only yesterday that we were sitting in that waiting room just wondering if it was a boy or girl. I love you so much and she is truly a blessing to all of us!!

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