100 days


yesterday (may 30th) marked kellen’s 100th day.  she is a true delight (just like her brother) to have in our family.  her latest accomplishments include: smiling, laughing, batting at objects, cooing, and being more content in the car seat when in the car!  we are still working on sleeping through the night – which also means that this mama has not had an uninterrupted night of sleep for 100 nights!  but i’m sure she will get there soon . . . 

it just so happened that my sister-in-law was able to sign us into disneyland yesterday along with jay & grandpa. (daddy couldn’t come because he was in palo alto until this afternoon.) we stayed until the fireworks were over, and had a great time.  grandpa was able to stay with the stroller while jay and i rode a few rides.  then when it was time for kellen to eat, grandpa and jay went and did the train ride, or monorail (jay’s favorite thing right now) or get a scoop of ice cream.  i have to say a big thank you to eileen for telling me about the disneyland “baby center.” what a great retreat for new moms to go and nurse in peace and comfort!  (it could use a little makeover . . . but i’m not going to complain!) for such a big organization as disney, it’s nice to know there is a little retreat for moms with babies to go and feed and change their baby with some privacy and comfort.  

so all in all, we had a great day and evening at the “happiest place on earth!”  thanks lisa for helping make our day fun even when daddy was gone!  oh, i almost forgot, i ran into an old teaching partner from back in my gardenhill days!  it was so fun to see lorelei and catch up for a few minutes.  she was truly a mentor to me my first year teaching, and a wonderful next door neighbor! how funny that a big place like disneyland and you run into someone you know!

baby is crying now . . . must go!


One Response to “100 days”

  1. christy Says:

    What a FUN day! I didn’t know about that baby center either. Lil too late for me anyway….

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

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