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Haircuts & Free (or nearly free) Movies

June 26, 2008

Since having my baby in February one of the things they don’t tell you about is that a few months after you have the baby, your hair starts to shed. And I mean SHED! This fact coupled with the extreme heat we had last week has driven me crazy with my excessive hair shedding! It’s just plain gross. So today I went and got my hair chopped off. I’m hoping my cute new bob will be fun for the summer and help with the shedding so at least my hairs won’t be so long. Here’s a picture of me and Jay with our new haircuts.

Have you heard about the free movies at various Edwards theatres on Tuesday & Wednesday mornings? No, you say? Well let me fill you in.  Go here to check out theatres that are near you. I took Jay this last Tuesday morning to see “Clifford’s Really BIG Movie” and we had a great time. Of course they try to make their money with the concessions, but being the thriffty person I am, I packed some candy treats in my purse and Jay was none the wiser. (He’s not a big popcorn person anyway!) The only warning I would give is that before the movie starts they showed this short cartoon from the Cartoon Network that I thought was sort of inappropriate for little kids. I don’t let Jay watch that channel, and two other moms around me were all looking at each other saying, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” The one little girl next to Jay got a little scared at the cartoon. Other than that, I totally loved the whole FREE movie experience.

Thanks to Grammy & Grandpa babysitting Kellen, Jay and I had a great time out with just the two of us. I’ve already scheduled my calendar with the movies I think are appropriate to go see.  I think I’ll try to bring Kellen next time. The mom sitting next to me had her FOUR kids with her youngest being 6 months old! And with it being dark and all, she just nursed her when it was time! Don’t know that I’m THAT brave, but there ya go!

The nearly free movies I just found out about from my across the street neighbor who has FOUR kids is here. The tickets are $2 at the door, but the movie runs every morning at 9:45am for the whole week. After checking out the list of movies (many of which were the same at the FREE Edwards theatres) I’m going to try to see “Horton Hears a Who” the last week in July when my sister is here with her daughter! Can’t beat $4 for me and Jay to go see a movie. Hopefully it’ll be blasting hot and we can enjoy the movie theatre’s air conditioning too!


Buzz Cut

June 26, 2008

Check here to see Mike’s record of Jay getting a summer hair cut!

“Are we there yet?”

June 21, 2008

On Father’s day the four of us packed up the rental mini van and headed up north for a little road trip. Mike had a meeting to attend in San Francisco on Tuesday, so we thought if we made a “vacation” out of it we would all be together and have a little fun.  Two years ago we drove up to Portland, OR to visit family and had a fabulous time.  Jay (who was almost 4 at the time) was a delightful little traveler in the car. That was TWO years go! This road trip was not all fun & games like before. Our almost 6 year old was, to say the least, challenging! The 4 month old baby was also challenging, especially in the beginning. She actually started doing really well in the car for long stretches once she got used to it. But let me tell you, having to stop every 3 hours or so to nurse a baby in the car was not one of my more graceful moments. 

Our first stop was in Monterey where we were able to stay at a collegue’s house of MIke’s. The house was great and walking around Cannery Row was refreshing. We had a great Father’s day dinner at Willy’s Smokehouse then we walked over to the Ghirardelli ice cream shop for a dark chocolate hot fudge sundae to celebrate the end of kindergarten and the start of summer! This was truly a highlight of a difficult day!


The next morning we were driving from Monterey to Walnut Creek to see the new CUE office space. Again there was lots of ugliness on the drive. There was a particulary bad scene at a turn off where I was trying to nurse Kellen and Mike was dealing with a beligerant Jay. Finally after many tears by everyone (except Mike), things cooled down thanks in large part to MIke’s brillant thinking. There happened to be lots of dirt and bushes around, so of course as any 5 year old boy would do Jay started kicking dirt into some holes. Mike told him to stop. Jay asked, “why?” Mike answered, “because you don’t want to upset the snakes.” Jay sorta freaked out and shaped up at that point, even insisting on being held by daddy until it was “safe” to come back in the car with mommy and Kellen. (Time will tell how this little story will leave an imprint on Jay’s mind – snakes and holes!  I loved it!)

Our stop in Walnut Creek was great. I’ve now been able to see every office space that CUE has had since Mike started working there.  We even got to see Marisol who stopped by. After lunch we then headed toward S.F. with a drive by of the Pixar studios in Emeryville. (MIke had the priviledge of attending a meeting there a few years back, totally cool!) Once in SF we drove down the twisty Lombard street and headed over to Pier 39 to see the sea lions. Jay was really squirmy the whole time because basically all he wanted to do was ride the BART. So after Jay & Mike enjoyed Pier 39 (again I was in the car nursing the baby and completely missed Pier 39) I dropped the boys off at a corner in downtown so they could take the BART to the MIllbrae station. Kellen and I drove down in the car and picked them up. If you asked Jay what his favorite part of the trip was, he’d say the BART ride. Our boy loves his transportation vehicles.

One highlight for me was the stay at the Marriott hotel that overlooked the bay and SFO airport. The room was awesome and we could just let down and relax a little. Mike’s meeting was accross the street the next morning, so I just hung at the hotel with the kids and let Jay go swimming in the hotel pool (another hightlight for Jay) until 2pm our check out time. We found a little park for Jay to stomp around in until it was 3pm and time to pick up Mike and head to San Jose for a stay with the Schilemans (Kali is Mike’s friend from UCSB days.) They are just about the most hospitable people I know, and it was so fun to see them and their two kiddos again. We happened to be in Hawaii last year at the same time they were, so it had been almost a year since we’d seen them. (Of course Mike sees them more often when he has trips to San Jose area.) Jay hit it off with Zack and Kira and the adults had some great food and conversation. Kali has a true talent with gardening, so I was picking her brain for ideas. Their back yard (more like back 40) was just beautiful. There is a little creek that runs behind their property and made it easy to catch frogs when the sunset. We even saw a mama deer and her two does walking by along the creek. Truly wonderful. I especially enjoyed all the freshly picked strawberries Zack got for me in their very own stawberry patch! Yum yum! After kids went to bed, the rest of us played a game called Carcassonne. I forgot how fun it is to just sit around with adults and play games, and Kali & Scott are great game players!

Be sure to check out Mike’s site to see the photos he “moblogged” along the way from his iphone.

We finally made it home Wednesday night, and it was good to sleep in our own bed again! I was telling Kali that really our “vacation” with a nursing 4 month old and almost 6 year old was a crazy misnomer. That’s why I’m so looking forward to our (mommy & daddy only) getaway in August to celebrate our 10th anniversary! Now that’ll be a vacation!

let the summer begin!

June 12, 2008

My little boy finished kindergarten today. He had such a great teacher (Mrs. L was the BEST!) and really enjoyed his year. It is funny to think back that at the beginning of kindergarten I was pregnant, and now at the end little Kellen is with us! So much happened.  Jay’s quite the beginning reader now, I’m sure he’d read you a story if you let him. I will miss kindergarten . . . it truly is one of the most magical years!

Jay cracks us up much of the time.  While driving to Costco the other day we took the route that would follow the train tracks. There is a section of the tracks that has recently had a wall built in front of the tracks with newly planted trees to “beautify” the road. From the back seat I hear an appalled Jay say, “I can’t believe they built a wall there! I can’t see the trains, (dramatic pause) and I LOVE trains.”

Tonight we met up with Mike’s friend from college, Farah and her hubby and adorable daughter. They were on holiday from the UK visiting Disneyland. It was great seeing them after so many years. The ironic thing is that this weekend they leave to go visit Farrah’s parents in Texas. Turns out her folks live in the same area that my sister moved to last February! 

A movie, a bottle & a purse

June 6, 2008

Tonight I went to see the movie, “Sex & the City” with my dear friend, Eileen.  It was one of those last minute plans (can planning it on Wednesday and seeing the movie on Friday be considered last minute?) that I am so happy worked out. I can’t even remember the last time I went to a movie with a girlfriend. We are both nursing moms right now, so there was the planning ahead of time with the hubbys to make sure all babes would have a bottle ready. To their credit, both hubbys did great! Even with my hubby sending me a text saying “she won’t take the bottle” as I was walking to the car to head home, he was ultimately able to stay calm and get her to begrudgingly take her bottle.  Halleluyur! I so enjoyed my “date night” with Eileen! We gorged on popcorn and junior mints, and traded baby stories . . . frantically trying to get our visiting in before the movie.  The movie was great, and we both enjoyed it (inspite of the fellow in our row who kept laughing at inappropirate times and basically scoffing at the movie – THE ENTIRE TIME! also, someone in the back thought bringing their baby to the movie was a good idea and at a couple dramatic moments the baby’s cry could be heard!  Geesh!)

And lastly I was able to show off my new purse to my friend.  For those of you that know me, I rarely go shopping for myself, but with having the new baby, I desperately needed a new purse that I could fling over my shoulder with the diaper bag so both hands could be free to hold baby or carry baby carrier.  It took about two months before I found one I liked! I was hoping to get a chocolate brown purse, but black works too.  The best part was this leather purse was regularly priced at $69 and I got it on sale for $29.99!  Whoo Hoo! 

Laughing Kellen

June 1, 2008

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Our little Kellen is laughing at her brother who is always entertaining! Oh go ahead, and replay it again . . . you know you want to!

disney on the 100th day of kellen . . .

June 1, 2008

Here we are at the front.  This is Kellen’s first trip to Disneyland!

Kellen & Auntie Lisa

Me & Jay during a self portrait on Dumbo.

Can you spot Grandpa and Kellen’s stroller from the Dumbo ride?