let the summer begin!


My little boy finished kindergarten today. He had such a great teacher (Mrs. L was the BEST!) and really enjoyed his year. It is funny to think back that at the beginning of kindergarten I was pregnant, and now at the end little Kellen is with us! So much happened.  Jay’s quite the beginning reader now, I’m sure he’d read you a story if you let him. I will miss kindergarten . . . it truly is one of the most magical years!

Jay cracks us up much of the time.  While driving to Costco the other day we took the route that would follow the train tracks. There is a section of the tracks that has recently had a wall built in front of the tracks with newly planted trees to “beautify” the road. From the back seat I hear an appalled Jay say, “I can’t believe they built a wall there! I can’t see the trains, (dramatic pause) and I LOVE trains.”

Tonight we met up with Mike’s friend from college, Farah and her hubby and adorable daughter. They were on holiday from the UK visiting Disneyland. It was great seeing them after so many years. The ironic thing is that this weekend they leave to go visit Farrah’s parents in Texas. Turns out her folks live in the same area that my sister moved to last February! 


2 Responses to “let the summer begin!”

  1. christy Says:

    Connor completely agrees with Jay about the trains. Bums him out.

    Love the photos!

  2. Amy Says:

    Hello again!

    I can’t believe Kindergarten is over already too. On the last day I sat watching Andrew get on the bus and just started crying…he looked like such a big boy from when he started in September in California. Such changes in his Kindergarten life this year! He is already asking how much longer until school starts again, he was jealous that Nathan was home so much with me in the last 6 months, but I think he has figured out that he had more fun at school with friends, I hope this attitude continues!


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