Haircuts & Free (or nearly free) Movies


Since having my baby in February one of the things they don’t tell you about is that a few months after you have the baby, your hair starts to shed. And I mean SHED! This fact coupled with the extreme heat we had last week has driven me crazy with my excessive hair shedding! It’s just plain gross. So today I went and got my hair chopped off. I’m hoping my cute new bob will be fun for the summer and help with the shedding so at least my hairs won’t be so long. Here’s a picture of me and Jay with our new haircuts.

Have you heard about the free movies at various Edwards theatres on Tuesday & Wednesday mornings? No, you say? Well let me fill you in.  Go here to check out theatres that are near you. I took Jay this last Tuesday morning to see “Clifford’s Really BIG Movie” and we had a great time. Of course they try to make their money with the concessions, but being the thriffty person I am, I packed some candy treats in my purse and Jay was none the wiser. (He’s not a big popcorn person anyway!) The only warning I would give is that before the movie starts they showed this short cartoon from the Cartoon Network that I thought was sort of inappropriate for little kids. I don’t let Jay watch that channel, and two other moms around me were all looking at each other saying, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” The one little girl next to Jay got a little scared at the cartoon. Other than that, I totally loved the whole FREE movie experience.

Thanks to Grammy & Grandpa babysitting Kellen, Jay and I had a great time out with just the two of us. I’ve already scheduled my calendar with the movies I think are appropriate to go see.  I think I’ll try to bring Kellen next time. The mom sitting next to me had her FOUR kids with her youngest being 6 months old! And with it being dark and all, she just nursed her when it was time! Don’t know that I’m THAT brave, but there ya go!

The nearly free movies I just found out about from my across the street neighbor who has FOUR kids is here. The tickets are $2 at the door, but the movie runs every morning at 9:45am for the whole week. After checking out the list of movies (many of which were the same at the FREE Edwards theatres) I’m going to try to see “Horton Hears a Who” the last week in July when my sister is here with her daughter! Can’t beat $4 for me and Jay to go see a movie. Hopefully it’ll be blasting hot and we can enjoy the movie theatre’s air conditioning too!


3 Responses to “Haircuts & Free (or nearly free) Movies”

  1. christy Says:

    Love the new hairdo…totally cute. I remember after Emily that my hair was falling out so fast that I clogged up our shower. GROSS is right!

    Thanks for the tips on the movies…may just have to try that one myself!

  2. Amy Says:


    You look great! I have such a hard time getting my hair cut so I mostly have trims, I get really nervous and have hot flashes. I wish we had Edwards out here, that would be a great time.


  3. Debbie Calvert Says:

    I love the new look! I think it’s cute and I can’t wait to see. Two weeks and counting.

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