Caffeine-Free Mike


Coffee & Me

So on June 27, I took a step towards healthiness and decided to stop drinking caffeine. Many more steps are to follow, I’m sure. But I saw a friend take this step and thought it would be manageable for me as well.

It’s not really a big step, as I’ve been drinking Caffeine-free Diet Coke at home and whenever available at restaurants (thank you, Corner Bakery!) for years. But at Starbucks and all other restaurants, finding I always chose the caffeinated versions of Mochas and Diet Cokes.

And yes, I realize that chocolate also has caffeine… step at a time…


One Response to “Caffeine-Free Mike”

  1. Debbie Calvert Says:

    Didn’t you know that chocolate doesn’t count….especially in small quantities…heee heee.

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