I was all set to post about swim class and talk about Jay’s brillance on the diving boards, but I realized I’ve ALREADY posted about that! It just goes to show I’ve been gone too long! Needless to say, we have finished 4 weeks of swim class with flying colors. I’m so proud of how much he has progressed. I can actually go to a friend’s house to “go swimming” and not go in the pool. who-wha! 

As far as Kellen goes, she is finally weaned and totally on formula now. I feel really proud of myself that I was able to nurse her so long, longer than I even did with Jay! For all of you who have ever nursed, you know it’s a 24/7 job! It’s not as easy as it looks, but hey I did it! And look, now I can delegate . . . sweet!

My sister and her family came for a three week visit, with two of those weeks staying at my house. We had a great time. The kids went to VBS together and Debs and I made many runs to the Coffee Bean (they don’t have Coffee Bean stores in Texas!) The best part was at night when all the kids were down and we’d watch Jon & Kate plus 8 or Design Star or Hopkins together and swap shoulder rubs. What was really fun was going scrapbooking all day one Saturday. She’s going digital with her albums, so it was easy for her to travel with her laptop and still be able to scrap!

Here’s a photo of Uncle Barry with Kellen, they finally got to meet.

Here’s a photo with some of my dearest friends that came over for a play date to visit with Debs. There’s Holli and her girls, Kelsey & Kimberly, me with Kellen and Jay, Eileen holding Gracie, and Colin and Debs (Emma was camera shy.)


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