Wedding in Vancouver, WA


Last weekend, Kellen and I made our way to Portland, Oregon from Long Beach. We didn’t know it until we were on the plane, but we were on the inaugural flight of jetBlue from Long Beach to Portland! That was pretty fun, especially since the flight was full of jetBlue mucky-mucks who were passing out freebies and drawing seat numbers for a future free flight! Unfortunately our number didn’t get pulled.  Overall, the flight with Kellen went well (except for the decent, but really what can you expect?).

My folks had driven up to my Aunt & Uncle’s house in Vancouver, WA (a suburb of Portland just accross the Columbia River) a few days before. It was awesome to be able to send ahead a bunch of Kellen stuff with them like the pack-n-play, car seat, her clothes, food, etc. It really made the fact that I was traveling alone with a 7 month old possible.

It was so fun staying with my extended family and being a part of all the festivities prior to the wedding on October 11th. I’m so happy for Russ & Shree and am excited for their new life together! Here are some fun pictures from the weekend.


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