Good Morning Kellen!


This morning I decided to try and capture Kellen waking up. When I went in her room, the photo shows how I found her. Then I opened her blinds a little and you can see how my sweet one wakes up! (Oh by the way, I’d do this for Jay too if he didn’t get up so dang early! I’ll have to wait until he sleeps past 7am one of these days!) Kellen is officially 8 months old as of yesterday . . . it is going way too quickly. (P.S. this is Julie posting under Mike’s name . . . it’s the whole uploading and cross-posting of the video thing that makes it easier for me to do it with Mike’s info.)


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This video was originally shared on by techmaverick with a No license (All rights reserved) license.

2 Responses to “Good Morning Kellen!”

  1. Shanna Says:

    What’s it like to have to wake your baby up? I wouldn’t know since my babies seem to think the hour of 5 am is an acceptable rise and shine time. I’m so jealous. =)

  2. Sheryl Says:

    Oh my little cutie-pie! It’s that sweet smile behind the binkie that gets me. What a wonderful thing to keep a record of. I forget the wonder of going in and waking up sweet babies who are still sleepy. Now it’s a more urgent tone leading to out right yelling on school mornings. Not as fun or as precious! 🙂

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