99 Balloons


About a month ago I saw an Oprah episode that was highlighting children. The show had a segment on the Mooney family and their little boy Eliot who was born in July of 2006. The video that Matt & Ginny made celebrating their son’s short life left me crying and moved. The faith of these two challenged my own faith and reminded me that only God knows how many days each of us have. Our children belong to Him. What a powerful reminder to cherish each day God has entrusted me with my children. It is a miracle! I forget how fragile and precious life is when I get caught up in the stresses and responsibilities of each day.

I emailed Matt Mooney to ask for permission to link to his video and share their story with you. I hope you are inspired to live each day appreciating what God has blessed you with. 

In October these amazing parents gave birth to their new baby daughter! Check out their blogs for more info on Eliot’s life here and current happenings here! Thank you Mooney family for sharing your story.


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