Yes, that’s right, I went to the Celine Dion concert with my friend (and old roommate) Eileen. Her husband had bought these tickets for Eileen last year for her birthday, but has the time grew nearer for the concert, the husband was on the fence about going. He thought maybe she’d have fun with one of her girlfriends, and I was the girlfriend!!!

Needless to say, we had fun! It was so nice to be out without the kids and catch up with my dear Eileen. Our little girls are two months apart in age, so we’ve had quite the year with all that goes into pregnancy, delivery, and newborns!

Now, on to the concert. I am the first to admit I am not the hugest Celine fan. I enjoy her music, I appreciate her talent, but I don’t own any of her albums. Eileen and I used to be roommates back in the day and she loved Celine. So needless to say, I was thankful that she thought of inviting me along. I have never been to such a “produced” concert before. Usually I go . . . wait a minute, I don’t usually go to concerts! But the ones I’ve been to in the distant past have not been nearly as “showy” as this concert! There were lights, and video, and musicians, and dancers and of course Celine! She was great and showed her amazing voice off. She even sang a few things acapella which was amazing. There were a least 6 costume changes, and the use of fans to blow at her in two numbers!  Of course for those that know me, I was especially intrigued with the sound/light board operators, anything with “back stage” things, the drums and drummer, and my favorite, the back up singers. I would LOVE to be a back up singer!!!






One Response to “Celine”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Great photos!! When you have a chance, can you make me some prints???

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