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Jay Frolics at Orange County CUE Tech Fest

January 27, 2009

‘Barack’ to the Future

January 22, 2009
J & K cheer for B & M

J & K cheer for B & M

Tuesday was a powerful day of hope, promise and celebration, and J & K (both Bush babies) welcomed in the first new president of their lives.

With the numerous challenges facing our country and the world today, we encourage all citizens to pray for our president, his cabinet and congress for our future.


January 15, 2009

At my pilates class at church, our leader shared this video with us. It made me thankful for my friends, and highlighted how strong we women are. It also challenged me  . . . how can I be a better friend? who around me needs a friend? even if I don’t know them that well? What do you think?

The Wall

January 14, 2009

The Friday after Thanksgiving I was sitting in our living room when I heard a crash. This is what happened:



We still don’t know what caused the blocks to fall, but we do know they had been loose. The wall is original to the house, so we are talking a good 40 years. Unfortunately our insurance was no help, so after getting quotes for the repairs, our neighbor and we shared the cost of the repairs. So last Thursday, they got busy.




And now our wall (at least this small section of it) looks great and is beautiful! So we can take our wall off the list of things that need to get done! I just wish it wasn’t so danged expensive!!!!


Welcome Home, Daddy!

January 11, 2009

In honor of Mike returning from a week in San Francisco for MacWorld, Kellen wore her apple t-shirt (that used to be Jay’s!) We missed you, Daddy!img_3910