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Still Life – in crayon

April 28, 2009

In case you were wondering what I was doing today, Jay has rendered a drawing of me. I had to hold very still, only moving when he looked down to work. He even had to inspect my eyes up close to know just how they should be.stilllife

In case it isn’t crystal clear to you, I’m sitting in a rocker that has a red cushion. I am knitting, you can see the blue ball of yarn in my lap.  Also note, I’m wearing my blue flip flops with my toes painted. Oh, I was singing too. Jay’s self portrait at the bottom shows what he’d look like as Yoda.

Yeah, I think I have a pretty neat kid!


5k Women Empowering Women

April 27, 2009

Yesterday Kellen and I walked in a 5k to raise support for schools in India, specifically schools for women! It was fun to do this with Kellen, and although this mama lagged in the back of the group, I was proud to let Jay know we didn’t come in last! We even made the OC Register!


Mike *hearts* Skywalker Ranch

April 23, 2009

Seek Yoda? Found him you have.


cherry on top

April 22, 2009


saturday night we went down to the mosher’s house for a “last hurrah” of spring break. there was lots of noise, laughter, wine, food, and homemade cupcakes. most of all we just LOVE being with this family.

i saw you in houston

April 19, 2009

last wednesday my friend sheryl invited me to her church to hear kate gosselin speak. sheryl knows of my love for the show jon & kate plus 8, so of course i went! back in january when i went to houston to visit debbie, kate was also speaking at a church nearby and debbie and i went to that event. of course for that trip, i forgot to bring my book that i got for christmas to have her sign, so i made sure i had my book with me when i went with sheryl. it was a great talk and i really enjoyed it. the venue was smaller and had a more intimate feeling than when i saw her in houston.

as we got to the front of the line, sheryl kindly offered to take a photo of me getting my book signed. unbeknownst to us i left my camera on video mode and so sheryl caught this short video of kate signing my book! kate was responding to me sharing that i had seen her in houston. too funny.

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here are a few other photos from the night.
this first photo was from my vantage point. it’s blurry because i can’t hold my camera steady with no flash!
this photo was taken of the monitor that was near us.
kate on monitor
me and kate . . . not sure why her forehead is scrunched up.

Lucky Catch!

April 14, 2009

Mike, Jay and Papa went fishing today at Tri-City Park and actually caught something!

39, 45, 46, easter, & randomness

April 13, 2009

i know it’s been awhile since i really posted an update, so i’m just going to highlight some of the main things that have been happening around here . . . bullet style!

* last week my 12 year old honda civic was stolen in san diego, then recovered a few days later. no real bad damage, just a need to replace the ignition and get a thourough detail job!!!

* on april 6th debs and i welcomed 39! one more year before 40!! woo hoo! even though we couldn’t be together this year, we are cooking up some plans for next year’s celebration.

* my folks celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary! (4.4.09)

* my in-laws celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary! (4.13.09)

* lately all i’ve wanted to do is knit. i’m making a baby blanket for my dear eileen. she’s having her third baby this summer. so to celebrate “george’s” (as i’ve named him) upcoming birth, i started a new blanket project. so far i love this project and am about two thirds done. basically i’ve knitted a bunch of little squares that will all get sewn together to create a patch work effect.

* i’m totally obsessed with the AMC series mad men. our friend lent us the dvds for season one and i’m totally hooked.

* mike and i rented 3 dvd’s this weekend: 7 pounds (will smith), rachel getting married (anne hathaway) and slumdog millionare. two down and slumdog to go!

* i planted a bunch of tulip bulbs this winter and so far only 3 have bloomed. so disappointing. i see sprouts, but am not sure if any others will bloom.

and now for some picture fun.



casey jr


easter 09


and finally, i got a chuckle out of this sign i saw in the houston hobby airport. (i went in january to visit debs for the weekend.) i’ve never seen a sign that shows you where the chapel is at the airport . . . inspires a lot of confidence! “houston hobby, keepin’ it real!”

houston hobby