39, 45, 46, easter, & randomness


i know it’s been awhile since i really posted an update, so i’m just going to highlight some of the main things that have been happening around here . . . bullet style!

* last week my 12 year old honda civic was stolen in san diego, then recovered a few days later. no real bad damage, just a need to replace the ignition and get a thourough detail job!!!

* on april 6th debs and i welcomed 39! one more year before 40!! woo hoo! even though we couldn’t be together this year, we are cooking up some plans for next year’s celebration.

* my folks celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary! (4.4.09)

* my in-laws celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary! (4.13.09)

* lately all i’ve wanted to do is knit. i’m making a baby blanket for my dear eileen. she’s having her third baby this summer. so to celebrate “george’s” (as i’ve named him) upcoming birth, i started a new blanket project. so far i love this project and am about two thirds done. basically i’ve knitted a bunch of little squares that will all get sewn together to create a patch work effect.

* i’m totally obsessed with the AMC series mad men. our friend lent us the dvds for season one and i’m totally hooked.

* mike and i rented 3 dvd’s this weekend: 7 pounds (will smith), rachel getting married (anne hathaway) and slumdog millionare. two down and slumdog to go!

* i planted a bunch of tulip bulbs this winter and so far only 3 have bloomed. so disappointing. i see sprouts, but am not sure if any others will bloom.

and now for some picture fun.



casey jr


easter 09


and finally, i got a chuckle out of this sign i saw in the houston hobby airport. (i went in january to visit debs for the weekend.) i’ve never seen a sign that shows you where the chapel is at the airport . . . inspires a lot of confidence! “houston hobby, keepin’ it real!”

houston hobby


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