i saw you in houston


last wednesday my friend sheryl invited me to her church to hear kate gosselin speak. sheryl knows of my love for the show jon & kate plus 8, so of course i went! back in january when i went to houston to visit debbie, kate was also speaking at a church nearby and debbie and i went to that event. of course for that trip, i forgot to bring my book that i got for christmas to have her sign, so i made sure i had my book with me when i went with sheryl. it was a great talk and i really enjoyed it. the venue was smaller and had a more intimate feeling than when i saw her in houston.

as we got to the front of the line, sheryl kindly offered to take a photo of me getting my book signed. unbeknownst to us i left my camera on video mode and so sheryl caught this short video of kate signing my book! kate was responding to me sharing that i had seen her in houston. too funny.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=2021550&dest=28246]

here are a few other photos from the night.
this first photo was from my vantage point. it’s blurry because i can’t hold my camera steady with no flash!
this photo was taken of the monitor that was near us.
kate on monitor
me and kate . . . not sure why her forehead is scrunched up.

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