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it’s official!

May 28, 2009


that’s right! our boy can now ride a bike!!! after many months of trying and lack of interest, jay has finally mastered the bike. and believe me, it is ALL he can talk about tonight. he even made his first skid mark on the sidewalk. way to go, jay!

skid mark

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May 26, 2009

with summer comes the “blockbuster” movies. in our house right now, the only “blockbuster” comes in the form of a dvd called baby signing time! kellen is not only learning lots of signs, but so is jay. i’m really not sure which kid loves it more. thanks mark & eva for the dvd . . . we play it ALL the time! 🙂




three words

May 17, 2009

mike and i had planned and looked forward to a date night this last friday. however, since i got broncitis this week, i just wasn’t up for it. being the warm, loving wife that i am, i told mike to go ahead and call his friend to see if he wanted to see the movie. they went to a late showing of star trek.

when mike climbed in bed he glanced over at me sensing i was awake and said only these words, “It . . .  was . . .  awesome!”

baseball season

May 13, 2009

i wouldn’t be telling the truth if i didn’t say i’m glad baseball is over. this was our first experience with baseball and it was a great experience for jay, but for us . . . well, let’s just say mike and i (and our checking account) are glad it is done.

i do have to say that jay looked so darned cute in his uniform and i saw real growth in his skills. time will tell if he shows any more interest in the sport. here are a few shots that one of the parents was kind enough to pass on. (the one eyed throw is my favorite!)





Mother’s Day

May 10, 2009


These are the two reasons I felt so blessed today!


May 6, 2009

over spring break we decided to use some tickets auntie lisa gave us for legoland. we invited grandpa to come with us, and we had a very full day. here are some photos of our fun.

this is a close up of the lego version of the inauguration. loved that they had michelle’s yellow dress and the little girls! it’s all in the details!


mike with the kids in front of the washington d.c. models. i love the fact that jay loves this section of legoland just as much as any of the rides!


jay & me on my favorite ride, the boats!


grandpa with a sleeping kellen.


jay driving his car . . . the “ride” he was looking forward to the most.



a baby + her baby

May 4, 2009

A few weeks back we got together with some of my mother-in-law’s extended family for a little visit. They were cousins and second cousins and to tell the truth I couldn’t keep up with exactly how everyone was related. But they were delightful to meet. I especially enjoyed chatting with Tracy from Atlanta that works for American Girl. She had some funny stories to tell, and I shared with her how I’m looking forward to going to the American Girl store when Kellen is older. Well wouldn’t you know a few weeks later a little “bitty baby” (American Girl’s baby doll) arrived in the mail especially for our little doll, Kellen! It was love at first sight!