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it’s coming

June 23, 2009

in just 11 more days . . . one of my favorite things happens in the summer.

for those that know me, you know it is so out of character for me. i’m not even sure where my fascination was born.

i just know i L-O-V-E  it!!!

and this year is special because he returns!

oh i can’t wait for the drama (yes, there is LOTS of drama!)

the excitement

the commentary

and my favorite, george will be there.

the tour, baby! it’s going to be a GREAT july!




June 22, 2009

In February I planted a bunch of tulip bulbs with the help of my niece Emma. I even sent her home to Texas with some bulbs to plant at her house. 


Emma was a trooper helping me weed and get our area ready for the bulbs. Debs even pitched in and weeded too! I was so hoping for a front planter filled with bloomin’ tulips this spring. Well this is what I got:


In total I think only 4 tuilps bloomed of the 20 0r so bulbs we planted. So disappointing. I must say I did enjoy the few that bloomed, but my expectation was seriously let down. Thinking back, I probably waited too long to plant them.

So after I cleared away yet more weeds . . . I went to Target and bought a few “drought resistant” flowering plants. I hope they make it! I don’t know, but “drought resistant” sounds like it is hard to kill. Mostly, I’m hoping they multiply a little to fill in the space. A few years back I bought a little lavendar plant, and it was THRIVED! It has grown in size and really filled out. In fact I trimmed it down a bit the other day because it was just so massive. (The lavender plant is the in the first picture behind where Emma is working.)


Every morning I go out, I check out my flowers . . . hoping they are still living . . . looking for signs of wilting or drying up . . . so far so good!

1st grade graduate

June 17, 2009

Last week marked the end of first grade for Jay. I can’t believe he’s going into 2nd grade in September!! It seems like he is growing so quickly now. He had a great year and loved his teacher Mrs. Bianco. It is truly amazing to watch an emergent reader at the start of the year, blossom into a full fledged reader by the end!!! 


Here is Jay on the first day of first grade.IMG_3058

And here he is on the last day of first grade!

last day first grade

Jay really enjoyed Mrs. Bianco as his first grade teacher.

IMG_4811Jay is also fond of his principal, Mrs. Dailey! She came to his school as principal the year Jay started kindergarten, so they’ve been at Wagner the same length of time!


Jay’s first grade starting height was 45.5 inches and he weighed 45.4 pounds. By June he is now 49.4 inches and 49.6 pounds!

That means Jay grew 4 inches and 4 pounds in first grade. 

This mama duck is looking forward to summer and keeping all her baby ducks close by! Jay is at such a fun age and I can’t wait to have a fantastic summer with him.

Just love this little boy!


June 3, 2009

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the force is strong in this one

June 2, 2009

how do you spend your afternoons? we practice our jedi moves!