1st grade graduate


Last week marked the end of first grade for Jay. I can’t believe he’s going into 2nd grade in September!! It seems like he is growing so quickly now. He had a great year and loved his teacher Mrs. Bianco. It is truly amazing to watch an emergent reader at the start of the year, blossom into a full fledged reader by the end!!! 


Here is Jay on the first day of first grade.IMG_3058

And here he is on the last day of first grade!

last day first grade

Jay really enjoyed Mrs. Bianco as his first grade teacher.

IMG_4811Jay is also fond of his principal, Mrs. Dailey! She came to his school as principal the year Jay started kindergarten, so they’ve been at Wagner the same length of time!


Jay’s first grade starting height was 45.5 inches and he weighed 45.4 pounds. By June he is now 49.4 inches and 49.6 pounds!

That means Jay grew 4 inches and 4 pounds in first grade. 

This mama duck is looking forward to summer and keeping all her baby ducks close by! Jay is at such a fun age and I can’t wait to have a fantastic summer with him.

Just love this little boy!


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  1. number17cherrytreelane Says:

    Congrats Jay!

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