In February I planted a bunch of tulip bulbs with the help of my niece Emma. I even sent her home to Texas with some bulbs to plant at her house. 


Emma was a trooper helping me weed and get our area ready for the bulbs. Debs even pitched in and weeded too! I was so hoping for a front planter filled with bloomin’ tulips this spring. Well this is what I got:


In total I think only 4 tuilps bloomed of the 20 0r so bulbs we planted. So disappointing. I must say I did enjoy the few that bloomed, but my expectation was seriously let down. Thinking back, I probably waited too long to plant them.

So after I cleared away yet more weeds . . . I went to Target and bought a few “drought resistant” flowering plants. I hope they make it! I don’t know, but “drought resistant” sounds like it is hard to kill. Mostly, I’m hoping they multiply a little to fill in the space. A few years back I bought a little lavendar plant, and it was THRIVED! It has grown in size and really filled out. In fact I trimmed it down a bit the other day because it was just so massive. (The lavender plant is the in the first picture behind where Emma is working.)


Every morning I go out, I check out my flowers . . . hoping they are still living . . . looking for signs of wilting or drying up . . . so far so good!


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