the fourth of july


for many years now, we’ve trekked down to the mosher’s place and joined in the 4th of july fun at their annual block party. (we think we’ve actually convinced a few neighbors that we live in the neighborhood.) we always enjoy hanging out with the moshers, and we were looking forward to a fun day celebrating our country’s independence. (oh by the way, the john adams miniseries is a must see).

this year i decided to make a patriotic trifle and it turned out great, even if i do say so myself.



kellen did a lot of trying to drink the water off the sidewalk . . . i just laughed and took pictures!


jay had fun at the whipped cream pie eating contest!


kellen and daddy just hangin’ out.


oh and jay’s highlight of the day was making a new friend! we think he was a little smitten with her, but it was fun to see them have such a good time playing together.


just realized that i’m not in any pictures! i guess that’s what happens when you are the one with the camera. (note to self: pass the camera around so i’m at least in ONE picture, geesh.)


One Response to “the fourth of july”

  1. number17cherrytreelane Says:

    i love the picture of her drinking off the sidewalk. Love it.

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