the livin’ is easy


I love this good ‘ole summertime. We’ve been enjoying bike rides, lazy mornings, eating Golden Spoon, and renting dvds. I know this sounds silly, but some years I don’t look forward to summer, because our schedule gets disrupted and I don’t like the heat. But once we get going, I start to love our time. Jay is an awesome kid, and I just love having him home full time. Kellen is getting big, and she too enjoys her some Jay all day long.IMG_4917


Swim class was amazing, Jay has turned into a strong little swimmer and doing well with diving. This was our 4th summer of swim class at Cal State Fullerton . . . and again their program did not disappoint!IMG_5137

One of the best things about this summer was having a cleaning crew come and deep clean my house. Now, I’ve NEVER had anyone clean my house before. It just is not in the budget. We are hosting an Open House for my sister on Sunday and I just started to panic when I realized how much of a wreck my house was. Enter the cleaning crew. They worked for almost 6 hours scrubbing my little house and it is AMAZING how freeing it is to have an entirely clean house all on the same day. I worked for a few days prior to them coming to clear out the clutter and throw stuff out. I almost feel like a weight was lifted off me and now I can look around and really see my house and feel thankful for it. I even hung a few things on the wall!!

Summertime also brings the Tour de France to our home. I know, I know . . . it is so random that I would love watching this race, but I just think it is so cool. Each morning I come out and flip on the tivo to watch what’s been going on. This morning I found out one of my favorite riders, Levi Leipheimer, is out of the race because of a broken wrist. What’s funny to me, is that Mike comes along and is shocked . . .”What?? Oh no!!!” he says. I’ve got him hooked too!!!!

Another summertime treat is spending time with cousins. Jay and Kellen enjoyed hanging out with Jason and Katie yesterday. Hopefully next time we can make it to the park.IMG_5205


Oh, and Kellen has found her nose and likes to stick her finger in it! Nice!


And of course the best part is being with these two! (and Mike too!)



One Response to “the livin’ is easy”

  1. Brian Bridges Says:

    Great pictures. Kellen is getting so big.


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