little ben


On 07.08.09 (cool huh?) my dear friend, Eileen had her third baby, Benjamin. Eileen and I have been through a lot of life together. We’ve know each other since 5th grade, we traveled to England on a semester abroad program, we were roommates for 3 years, and we had our baby girls 10 weeks apart. Needless to say, when Eileen found out she was pregnant with number three, I knew I wanted to make her something special.

When I was in Texas last January visiting Debs, she took me to “Hobby Lobby” (a type of Michael’s store only WAY better) to pick out yarn. It was fun to have Debbie’s opinion on color combos. The yarn came from Texas, the pattern came from a book from the library, and the end product turned out pretty well.

A blanket for Ben.


After Eileen came home from the hospital, a few days later I brought over dinner and the blanket. Look how tiny he is . . . they just get big so fast!


Here is the new family of five: Eileen (beautiful), Ben (5 days old), Gary (young at heart), Gracie (19 months), and Colin (3 years 11 months)!


I was so honored to actually be present when Ben made his entrance. I remember talking to Eileen on the phone last fall when she thought “no way can I be pregnant,” to helping her welcome this blessing. I think I lived my third pregnancy vicariously through her (because let’s face it, there is a reason people have children in their 20’s, oy vey!) so this little guy was special to me right from the beginning.

I’m so blessed to do life with Eileen, a true kindred spirit . . . and inspiring mama of three! Love you Auntie I!


One Response to “little ben”

  1. Mom Says:

    What a beautiful family. And your blanket turned out wonderful Julie. A very nice tribute to your good and long time friend.

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