Birthday Recap


So my Jay turned 7 yesterday. His day started out with homemade chocolate chip pancakes and scrambled eggs!IMG_5560Then we spent time that morning opening gifts from us, and playing the birthday song rendition that my friend Holli has played for me for the last 19 years I’ve known her. (Holli only has this song on vinyl and her mom played it for her growing up. I recorded it on my iPod a few years ago. The song is now a birthday tradition in our home.)[ ?posts_id=2529177&dest=-1]

Next it was off to mini golf in the afternoon for the much anticipated party! As you can see from the photo there were 14 kids in total. Of those 14, 4 were boys. Hmmmm!


Fun was had on the golf course, and everyone ended up a winner!






Jay helped me decorate and fill the goody bags with candy. See how the 7 is suppose to look like a lego???

Can’tcha tell????IMG_5558



While we were in Texas visiting Debs, we had a little celebration for Jay so they could give him their present. You can’t really see in this photo, but Emma is wearing two pony tails that I put in for her!!! Adorable!


In Texas we took a factory tour of “Blue Bell Ice Cream.” They make totally yummy ice cream that you can’t get in California. So of course we bought some for Jay’s birthday.

I really like how Debbie is showing off the Blue Bells!!!! Ha, Ha!


While visiting in Texas, we traded date nights. So when Debs and Barry went out we took the kids mini golfing! We figured it would be a chance for Emma to golf with Jay for his birthday!!!!


So the celebrating comes to an end.

We our so proud of how Jay is growing and developing. He is such a neat little boy and a loving brother.

I feel so blessed that he is my son!



One Response to “Birthday Recap”

  1. Brian Bridges Says:

    thanks so much for sharing. i love following your family and watching Jay and Kellen grow up.

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