The stars at night, are big and bright


Earlier this month we went on a 9 day vacation to visit my sister and her family in Houston, Texas. It went by so quickly, but it was a lot of fun. Too much fun to write all about, so I’d thought I’d post some pictures that would highlight our trip.

Jay and Kellen on our plane ready to go to Texas.


Lots of time was spent swinging on the swings in Aunt Debbie’s back yard.


We all enjoyed visiting “historic mission control” at the Johnson Space Center. This is where Houston is when the astronauts talk to Houston!!


Off to visit the Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham, Texas.



Jay has decided his favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip, just like me!

IMG_5451It was cookies and cream for the Calvert girls!


Jay and Kellen’s t-shirts say, “I get cranky without my Blue Bell.” Love it!!!


Another favorite spot was the pool!!! Because, holy cow, was it hot!!!


Daddy and Kellen showing off their pool tricks. Now I know in this shot Kellen looks scared, but in reality she LOVED this and kept asking for more!


One of my favorite side trips was a visit to Galveston to see and feel the Gulf of Mexico. It was soooooo warm. And there were tons of shells to collect.


One of Jay’s favorite memories was going on bike rides with Daddy and Uncle Barry. I even tagged along one evening. Love how Jay is rockin’ the pink helmet!


Doesn’t my niece, Emma, look adorable in her pony tails!!!!!


Another favorite of Jay’s was that Uncle Barry made pancakes and eggs most mornings!!!!  Thanks Calvert’s for hosting us giving us a BIG TEXAS welcome. Yee Haw!!



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  1. Mom Says:

    Love the story and pictures. Great.

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