I [heart] Seal Beach


Last night we headed down to Seal Beach. It seems like every year we have this tradition of going to the beach in the evening right before school starts. Kind of a celebrations of the start of school and a way of saying goodbye to summer. The last two years we’ve gone to Balboa Island, but this year I’ve been having an itch to go to Seal Beach. I grew up in Cypress and Seal Beach was my beach growing up. I have such good memories of that beach and was even a member of the winning team of a 4-man volleyball tourney on Dolphin Ave. This must have been 1991 or 92???

Anywhoo . . . we went with the plan to walk down the pier. I had forgotten how COLD and WINDY the pier gets, so we didn’t make it all the way, but it sure was beautiful. What was new to me was the little playground! So cute with all the tiles. We even found the tile of my doctor’s family who delievered both Jay and Kellen!! (Nicest doctor in the world!)IMG_5711


Dr. Bustillo’s tile is right above Kellen’s head in this photo on the top!


Being down in Seal Beach brought back such fond memories. Even driving down Los Al Blvd. brought back lots of old youth group memories. Ahhhh, what a nice way to say good bye to summer!



One Response to “I [heart] Seal Beach”

  1. number17cherrytreelane Says:

    what great pictures!!!!

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