First day, 2nd grade



How is it that my boy is now in 2nd grade???? He really did some growing this summer and I can sure see a big difference between the end of first grade and now. I’m so proud of him. I had mixed emotions today, sending him off. He seemed to enjoy his teacher, but felt a little shy with all his classmates again. I’m sure he’ll warm up quickly enough. I know 2nd grade will be a great year . . . I just missed my boy today (and so did his sister.)  Oh and in case you were wondering, the apple was for his teacher, and the flower for his principal! (Gotta start off on the right foot with everyone.)

Here is Jay with his teacher, Mr. Hanna.Jay and Mr. Hanna

The traditional picture in front of the sign had to happen after school today because this morning was so busy with everyone coming for the first day.IMG_5748

And of course, Miss Kellen needed to get in on the action!IMG_5751


One Response to “First day, 2nd grade”

  1. Katie Says:

    looks great! I can’t believe he is getting that old! but i guess I could say the same thing about me 2 🙂

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