29 Palms Retreat


DSC02606(rev 1)Last weekend I had a blast! Debbie and I have been planning this weekend and waiting for it since spring. We went on our first scrapbooking retreat with CM consultants Gina Stary and Cindy Neal. It was so fun to have Debbie fly in late on Thursday night and stay with us. Then after getting Jay to school and picking up some Coffee Bean, we finished loading our stuff and handed Kellen off to Grammy and Grandpa who would take care of her until Mike could get off work about 4. We arrived at the Roughley Manor in 29 Palms right at 2pm. Then it was a full weekend of scrapping, chatting, eating, and we even got massages! I finished 38 pages of Kellen’s baby book. It was so refreshing to spend time with Debs (and my dear friend Sandra and her mom) and be able to pour myself into my project without any interruptions. It was hard coming back on Sunday. Even though I missed Mike and the kids, I could’ve used another day. Here are some of the pictures from the trip.

This was the room dedicated to all our scrapbookin’ fun. Everyone had their own 6 foot table to work on!


Here we are working hard!


And of course the wonderful Gina Stary who is such a dear friend!!!


Mike sent me the cutest picture of Jay and Kellen while I was gone! It made my heart smile!



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