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The Look

November 30, 2009

Our dear little girl has what can only be described as “the look.” I don’t know how this started, but it cracks us up. She will totally do it when asked, “Kellen, give me the look.” What do you think?

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Jay interviews Papa

November 29, 2009

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Jay had an assignment to interview a relative over Thanksgiving weekend. He had a set of questions, but like any good interviewer, Jay saw fit to add in follow-up questions and share his personal observations as well. Thanks for sitting down for the interview, Dad!

A Turkey Song

November 6, 2009

When I taught Kindergarten my class learned this song. I was so pleased the other day when Jay came home singing this song too! So far . . . 2nd grade is the BEST! Thanks, Mr. Hanna!

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