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Spit Spot

February 23, 2010

Today at Disneyland we met Mary Poppins. In all my years of visiting Disneyland, I’ve never seen Mary. I fell in love with Mary Poppins when Jay was two and we watched the movie. I don’t think I had ever seen the movie before then and if I had, I didn’t recall the storyline. I loved the story so much that on a trip to NYC I even bought a hardcover copy of the book. When Jay and I used to watch it he cracked me up dancing to the “step in time” number. As Jay has gotten older (7) his love for Mary has wanned.  He still appreciates Mary Poppins, but has moved on to Star Wars and Toy Story. I half joke with him that next year for Halloween Kellen will by Mary Poppins and he will be Burt! Can’t you just see it? I know, me too! But my son will have none of it.

Anyway, at Disneyland today, I was beside myself when Mary and Burt were greeting folks. I promptly got in line and tried to figure out a way to have Jay take my picture with Mary and Burt, but Kellen was being completely clingy and didn’t want down, so I settled with taking their picture with Mary and Burt. (The things we give up for our kids.) Kellen has yet to be introduced to all the Mary goodness, but I think they got off to a good start.



February 21, 2010

Yesterday my little Kellen turned two! We celebrated her with dear friends and family. She has brought so much joy to our family. We are so thankful for her.