light saber, please


Last night I took the kids to meet up with Papa and Grandma at California Adventure. (Mike is in San Jose.) We wanted to go see the electric parade before it goes away (again) this weekend. The kids have never seen the parade, so we got there early to stake out our spot. Papa, Grandma and Jay went to ride Toy Story Mania, while Kellen and I saved our places. She enjoyed watching all the people and lights while eating cheerios and raisins.

Papa bought Jay a light up light saber. Of course, Jay was showing us (and everyone else) all his best moves. Can you see what’s coming??? Yep, that’s right. Little missy girl LOVED the light saber too. They did well taking turns with it for awhile, but finally we sent Jay over to the light saber cart to buy one for her too.

John and Cheryl were sporting their electric parade jackets.

Here’s my boy enjoying the parade. He loved waving at all the characters. Little Miss K enjoyed the parade too, just as long as the twirly bugs stayed away from us. They both fell asleep in the car ride home. By the time I unloaded the car, got both kids changed into jammies (think dead weight) it was just after 11pm. That’s when this tired mama zonked out praying that everyone would sleep in! Thanks Grandma & Papa for letting us join the fun.


One Response to “light saber, please”

  1. Sheryl Says:

    Yay! Sounds like you guys had a great time! I’m sorry to have missed the Electrical Parade. Guess I’ll have to go to Florida to catch it! Tell Jay that Auntie Sheri needs to see some cool Light Saber moves. 🙂

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