observations at the park


Poor Kellen.

Being the second child she has not gone to the park nearly as much as her brother did. I have all these cute pictures of Jay at various ages enjoying the park, but poor Kellen has maybe one picture at the park on a swing when she was almost a year old.

So this morning while Jay was at school, I decided Kellen needed some time outside at the park. We packed ourselves up and headed to my favorite park about a mile and a half away. As soon as we got there she took off running towards the play area. She had a great time swinging, climbing, sliding, running, hanging, jumping and exploring.

One thing I like about this particular park is there are always people around. I think one of the loneliest things is being at a park with your kid and NO ONE else is around. I prefer being at a park where there are other moms and kids, as if it is a “hot spot.”

Being at the park alone (just me and Kellen, none of my girlfriends) gives me the opportunity to observe all the other moms and their friends. It seems that the park culture consists of groups of moms that all know each other, and a few smatterings of moms by themselves with their children. It was so interesting to listen in on conversations, and quietly compare or judge other moms.

Yes, I admit it, I judged other moms at the park. When I hear a mom tell her daughter she can’t go on the “high slide” because it is too big, and her daughter is at least two years older than my kid and my kid has been down it 4 times already, it makes me think, “geesh mom, let your kid have fun on the “high slide.” Or when I hear another mom tell her girl not to dig in the dirt because there are worms, and its dirty, and there are germs. Germs? Really? That’s what you want to teach your kid?  Isn’t getting dirty and exploring nature part of being at the park?

But then I had to take a look at myself and wonder what other moms might be thinking about me, if they even noticed. I’m sure people could have had a lot of interesting thoughts directed my way. I am in now way perfect at this mom thing. I really don’t know the whole story of the other moms situations. Maybe these moms have had experiences that have made them cautious with their kids. Whatever the case, it was quite entertaining to observe all that the park culture had to offer today. All I really know for sure is that my kid had a blast, got dirty, went on the “high slide”, fell down a ladder that I got to just a tad too late, (but got right back on the ladder). Then she ate a really good lunch and had a really good nap that would have gone on longer if I didn’t have to wake her up to go get her brother at school.

Here she is on the swing for the first time at 10 months old.

Here she was today at 2 years old.


2 Responses to “observations at the park”

  1. Mom Says:

    Love the your observations. Glad Kellen had so much fun. It’s good to be outside and play. Does things for the apitite and allows the body to rest well after.

  2. Sheryl Says:

    I love this piece! It’s so true — we bring our own experiences to everything we do with our kids, and it’s hard to know what those other moms had going on. Perhaps the mom who was a bit cautious is dealing with her first child? I remember being paranoid that Grace was going to fall or trip or whatever. Now, I’m more concerned with the clumsiness of my children and I’ll admit — germs. Good for you for getting out with Kellen, letting her explore and realizing that kids need to do all those things. You are awesome and a very, very good mom.

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