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field trip

May 7, 2010

Today Jay’s class took a field trip to the Heritage Museum with a tour of the Kellogg house. The class has been studying what life was like a hundred years ago. I was so glad to go on Jay’s first big field trip of his school career. Sure they walked to the local high school in first grade to see a play, and they also took a bus tour of Brea to see sculptures. But this was an all day truly educational field trip. I had never heard of this museum or house, and let me tell you, I was impressed. What a little gem of a place. Our docent was fabulous and the kids got to do so many things. They played the pump organ, piano, tried out the phone, made butter then tasted it, washed clothes in a bucket then ran it though the wringer, made a paper quilt square, played with “old” toys, and watched a blacksmith demonstration! I know – ¬†awesome!

There were five of us moms on the trip, and yes, I was “that” mom that took tons of photos. I even had one of the other 2nd graders take this picture of me and Jay on the bus getting ready to go.

Trying out the pump organ.

Wringing out those wet clothes.

Watching the blacksmith demonstrate some of his trade.

Here’s the class at 1:30pm just before heading back to school. Yep, this is when my headache started and I totally needed protein or coffee or both. But really I was so glad to be there.

And by the way, Jay’s favorite part was watching the blacksmith make a nail and demonstrate branding.