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room makeover

October 3, 2010

Jay’s room make over is complete. Here are the before pictures:

Here are the during pictures. I don’t know why, but I picked the week Mike was in Colorado to start this project. But with a little babysitting help from Papa and Grandma, I prepped, painted 2 coats, and rearranged all Jay’s furniture. ¬†Prior to even starting the room work, I purged ALL his clothes, books, and toys so that the only things in his room were current.

And now . . . the new room!

For the most part everything is done. I’m just looking for a few “finishing touches” like a new bedside lamp, and something to put over the head of the bed. ¬†Overall I’m pleased with how it turned out, and more importantly, Jay loves how it turned out.

Goodbye little boy . . . hello bigger boy!