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first project of the year

January 1, 2011

it has been over a year in the making, but today i finished knitting a blanket for jay. it was supposed to be for christmas last year, but ended up being for new year’s day! 1.1.11 and DONE!

this project came about after i had knitted a blanket for kellen for her first christmas back in 2008.

although i enjoy knitting i’m not that good at it.  i’d really love to learn how to knit beanies. (even crochet would be swell.) my aunt pat was a fantastic crochet and knitter, so i miss that she’s not here to show me how. it is amazing how much i can find on you tube. as i was finishing jay’s blanket, i realized i couldn’t quite remember how to bind off. so i google searched and found a great you tube video that showed me! awesome.

so the new year is starting off great with a finished project under my belt already!


pillow talk

March 1, 2010

My Bible study group had a service day last week where we made pillowcases for children’s homes. It was so fun to be a part of a sewing project. We had a group of women matching fabrics, a group cutting (that’s what I did), a pinning station, sewers, and a group ironing. There were a few women who “delivered” items to each station. It started out a bit chaotic, but we found our rhythm and with about 20 women we got a lot done in 2 hours.

This inspired me to try my hand at making my own pillowcases. It seemed easy enough. So off I went to the fabric store and came home with this for Kellen.

After reading the instructions over and over, I finally figured out how to pin the fabric together. Today I went over to my mom’s house to use her sewing machine. She helped me understand a few last instructions, and waa laa, two cute pillowcases!!

It’s Curtains

October 23, 2009

So Jay’s been requesting that I put curtains in the livingroom for some time now. He gets a little scared when it is dark outside and he doesn’t like it. So, being the great mom that I am, I put curtains up. I don’t know about you, but ANY home project ALWAYS turns into more time than you really think it should take. This project was no different. I bought the first curtain rod from Target and installed it and hung 4 different curtains to see which I liked best. I then decided that the curtain rod from Target just wasn’t sturdy enough to hold the heavy curtains. So I took EVERYTHING down packaged it all up, and returned it. Next it was off to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to pick up more of the curtains I did like, and get a sturdier curtain rod.  Back at home I drilled more holes, installed the second curtain rod, hung the curtain panels. Today I finished this never ending project, by adding the hooks and ties to hold the curtains back! See what I mean? This was over the course of two weeks! But now the project is D-O-N-E!

You’re welcome, Jay!




It’s a Vulture Droid

July 30, 2009

Jay made this “vulture droid” out of water bottles, paper, tape and markers. He insisted that I take two pictures of it and post it on our blog. He also came up with the title to this post. So here ya go:



little ben

July 24, 2009

On 07.08.09 (cool huh?) my dear friend, Eileen had her third baby, Benjamin. Eileen and I have been through a lot of life together. We’ve know each other since 5th grade, we traveled to England on a semester abroad program, we were roommates for 3 years, and we had our baby girls 10 weeks apart. Needless to say, when Eileen found out she was pregnant with number three, I knew I wanted to make her something special.

When I was in Texas last January visiting Debs, she took me to “Hobby Lobby” (a type of Michael’s store only WAY better) to pick out yarn. It was fun to have Debbie’s opinion on color combos. The yarn came from Texas, the pattern came from a book from the library, and the end product turned out pretty well.

A blanket for Ben.


After Eileen came home from the hospital, a few days later I brought over dinner and the blanket. Look how tiny he is . . . they just get big so fast!


Here is the new family of five: Eileen (beautiful), Ben (5 days old), Gary (young at heart), Gracie (19 months), and Colin (3 years 11 months)!


I was so honored to actually be present when Ben made his entrance. I remember talking to Eileen on the phone last fall when she thought “no way can I be pregnant,” to helping her welcome this blessing. I think I lived my third pregnancy vicariously through her (because let’s face it, there is a reason people have children in their 20’s, oy vey!) so this little guy was special to me right from the beginning.

I’m so blessed to do life with Eileen, a true kindred spirit . . . and inspiring mama of three! Love you Auntie I!


June 22, 2009

In February I planted a bunch of tulip bulbs with the help of my niece Emma. I even sent her home to Texas with some bulbs to plant at her house. 


Emma was a trooper helping me weed and get our area ready for the bulbs. Debs even pitched in and weeded too! I was so hoping for a front planter filled with bloomin’ tulips this spring. Well this is what I got:


In total I think only 4 tuilps bloomed of the 20 0r so bulbs we planted. So disappointing. I must say I did enjoy the few that bloomed, but my expectation was seriously let down. Thinking back, I probably waited too long to plant them.

So after I cleared away yet more weeds . . . I went to Target and bought a few “drought resistant” flowering plants. I hope they make it! I don’t know, but “drought resistant” sounds like it is hard to kill. Mostly, I’m hoping they multiply a little to fill in the space. A few years back I bought a little lavendar plant, and it was THRIVED! It has grown in size and really filled out. In fact I trimmed it down a bit the other day because it was just so massive. (The lavender plant is the in the first picture behind where Emma is working.)


Every morning I go out, I check out my flowers . . . hoping they are still living . . . looking for signs of wilting or drying up . . . so far so good!

summer loves

July 1, 2008

I’ve picked my summer project! This year, I’m knitting a blanket for Kellen.  I took a photo of my beginning rows, but am really to lazy right now to transfer the picture to the computer and upload! Last summer I made my first quilt and really enjoyed it. Then in the fall I made a baby quilt for Eileen’s baby Gracie. Since then I haven’t been doing many projects, except that I did finish my 2007 scrapbook album. (Well, I’m still working on getting the journaling done, but I expect to get that done by July 26th when I’m going to the Summer Sizzle workshop with Gina Stary! Check it out here!)  

Any whoo, I digress! My Aunt Pat sent me a knitting pattern and I got my yarn and materials and just started last night. I’ll post pictures when it’s finished.

I decided this summer I’m not going to can jelly like I have the past two years. I love canning, and it really is super easy, but with the baby and swim class and being TIRED, I’m letting myself off the hook! So for those of you that were looking forward to your jar of jelly at Christmas . . . you’ll have to wait a little bit.

For those of you who really know me, you’ll know that my obsession with the Tour de France bike race seems to not make sense. I really can’t explain why I love it so much either. I’m not athletic, I don’t go on bike rides, and I don’t follow the sport during the year. I got into it when it was Lance Armstrong’s last year, and every year I tune in again. All this to say, the race starts July 5th and is 3 weeks long! I will be TiVo-ing it like before and watching.  My favorite rider is George Hincapie and I hope his team (Team Columbia) does well! Look forward to posts regarding the race in the future.

Off to knit before I drop off to sleep!

Oh, one more thing . . . Mike recently went to his 20 year high school reunion! When he gets home from San Antonio, I’ll have him post some pictures! My 20 year reunion is this month! I guess that means we must be grown-ups now. Go class of ’88!