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light saber, please

April 17, 2010

Last night I took the kids to meet up with Papa and Grandma at California Adventure. (Mike is in San Jose.) We wanted to go see the electric parade before it goes away (again) this weekend. The kids have never seen the parade, so we got there early to stake out our spot. Papa, Grandma and Jay went to ride Toy Story Mania, while Kellen and I saved our places. She enjoyed watching all the people and lights while eating cheerios and raisins.

Papa bought Jay a light up light saber. Of course, Jay was showing us (and everyone else) all his best moves. Can you see what’s coming??? Yep, that’s right. Little missy girl LOVED the light saber too. They did well taking turns with it for awhile, but finally we sent Jay over to the light saber cart to buy one for her too.

John and Cheryl were sporting their electric parade jackets.

Here’s my boy enjoying the parade. He loved waving at all the characters. Little Miss K enjoyed the parade too, just as long as the twirly bugs stayed away from us. They both fell asleep in the car ride home. By the time I unloaded the car, got both kids changed into jammies (think dead weight) it was just after 11pm. That’s when this tired mama zonked out praying that everyone would sleep in! Thanks Grandma & Papa for letting us join the fun.



April 9, 2010

The best part about turning 40 was having my twin sister come visit from Texas to celebrate together! Here’s to a new decade. 

swing higher

March 19, 2010

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This was Kellen’s favorite thing about attending Open House at Jay’s school last night. Notice she keeps requesting “higher” and she is in a regular kid seat, not a “baby” seat. Mercy.

Naughty or Nice?

December 24, 2009

Time will tell . . .

Merry Christmas!!

It’s Curtains

October 23, 2009

So Jay’s been requesting that I put curtains in the livingroom for some time now. He gets a little scared when it is dark outside and he doesn’t like it. So, being the great mom that I am, I put curtains up. I don’t know about you, but ANY home project ALWAYS turns into more time than you really think it should take. This project was no different. I bought the first curtain rod from Target and installed it and hung 4 different curtains to see which I liked best. I then decided that the curtain rod from Target just wasn’t sturdy enough to hold the heavy curtains. So I took EVERYTHING down packaged it all up, and returned it. Next it was off to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to pick up more of the curtains I did like, and get a sturdier curtain rod.  Back at home I drilled more holes, installed the second curtain rod, hung the curtain panels. Today I finished this never ending project, by adding the hooks and ties to hold the curtains back! See what I mean? This was over the course of two weeks! But now the project is D-O-N-E!

You’re welcome, Jay!




a sunday visit

September 7, 2009

IMG_5723Yesterday afternoon we went and visited Great Grandma (Mike’s grandma). She looked great, and we had a nice time seeing her new place and chatting. Kellen just loved running around her room trying to see all Great Grandma’s interesting things!!!

I [heart] Seal Beach

September 6, 2009

Last night we headed down to Seal Beach. It seems like every year we have this tradition of going to the beach in the evening right before school starts. Kind of a celebrations of the start of school and a way of saying goodbye to summer. The last two years we’ve gone to Balboa Island, but this year I’ve been having an itch to go to Seal Beach. I grew up in Cypress and Seal Beach was my beach growing up. I have such good memories of that beach and was even a member of the winning team of a 4-man volleyball tourney on Dolphin Ave. This must have been 1991 or 92???

Anywhoo . . . we went with the plan to walk down the pier. I had forgotten how COLD and WINDY the pier gets, so we didn’t make it all the way, but it sure was beautiful. What was new to me was the little playground! So cute with all the tiles. We even found the tile of my doctor’s family who delievered both Jay and Kellen!! (Nicest doctor in the world!)IMG_5711


Dr. Bustillo’s tile is right above Kellen’s head in this photo on the top!


Being down in Seal Beach brought back such fond memories. Even driving down Los Al Blvd. brought back lots of old youth group memories. Ahhhh, what a nice way to say good bye to summer!


August 8, 2009

002a Julie & Mike In Limo - Original11 years ago today we got married.

In that 11 years we’ve:

lived in 3 places (the cottage, condo, & house)

had 2 kids

traveled to Hawaii 3 times (twice while pregnant)

broken 3 iphones

attended 2 churches

visited the ER 2 times in the middle of the night


flew first class once (on our honeymoon).

It’s been a great 11 years. Love ya, babe!

the force is strong in this one

June 2, 2009

how do you spend your afternoons? we practice our jedi moves!




May 26, 2009

with summer comes the “blockbuster” movies. in our house right now, the only “blockbuster” comes in the form of a dvd called baby signing time! kellen is not only learning lots of signs, but so is jay. i’m really not sure which kid loves it more. thanks mark & eva for the dvd . . . we play it ALL the time! 🙂