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room makeover

October 3, 2010

Jay’s room make over is complete. Here are the before pictures:

Here are the during pictures. I don’t know why, but I picked the week Mike was in Colorado to start this project. But with a little babysitting help from Papa and Grandma, I prepped, painted 2 coats, and rearranged all Jay’s furniture.  Prior to even starting the room work, I purged ALL his clothes, books, and toys so that the only things in his room were current.

And now . . . the new room!

For the most part everything is done. I’m just looking for a few “finishing touches” like a new bedside lamp, and something to put over the head of the bed.  Overall I’m pleased with how it turned out, and more importantly, Jay loves how it turned out.

Goodbye little boy . . . hello bigger boy!



April 15, 2010

Last week Jay was on spring break. Mike really wanted to take him to the snow and go skiing. So last Thursday they left the house at dark thirty and headed to Snow Valley. Jay loved his lessons and loved skiing with his Dad the rest of the day. The part I thought was the most hilarious was the fact that Mike was so sore. I mean really sore. He even popped his knee while trying on the boots to rent. I don’t know what it says about me, but I thought this little detail was so funny. I mean really funny. He has recovered, and is now back to walking normally.

Note to self  . . . or Mike. Next time Jay goes skiing, make sure he wears long socks and not his normal ankle socks. Poor guy had scrapes from his boots on his shins. But the little trooper didn’t complain a bit.

open house 2010

March 19, 2010

So after missy girl got her swing on, Jay’s school’s open house officially began. Now back in the day when I was teaching, I LOVED Open House. It was rewarding for me as a teacher to have my students share with their parents the projects we’d worked on and get to chat with my families.

Now that I’m on the otherside, I LOVE going to Jay’s open house.

I volunteered to teach one of my all time favorite art lessons to Jay’s class. And here they are, Modigliani inspired self-portraits! (All my teacher friends know that this is a lesson I’ve done forever with my 5th graders and kinders! I was glad  to share it with Jay’s class.) Don’t they look cool?

Here’s my goofy kid posing next to his self-portriat.

And what kid doesn’t love sitting in the teacher’s chair?

(Another thing I love about Jay’s teacher this year is that he actually plays his guitar and sings with the kids.)

Jay and his teacher, Mr. Hanna. We are so pleased with Jay’s progress this year. I truly believe that in every school there are great teachers and not-so-great teachers. Jay has been blessed with a great one. We are so thankful for such an awesome teacher for our boy.

Oh and by the way, the shirt Jay is wearing is my old t-shirt from when I was in elementary school. Go Landell!

A Turkey Song

November 6, 2009

When I taught Kindergarten my class learned this song. I was so pleased the other day when Jay came home singing this song too! So far . . . 2nd grade is the BEST! Thanks, Mr. Hanna!

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Woody Love

October 24, 2009

Lately Jay has been enthralled with the Toy Story movie. Grandma gave him a Woody doll a few years ago, but Woody hasn’t felt much love until now! Jay has taken to sleeping with him, (along with Bear and green blanket mind you) and this is how I found Woody after taking Jay to school.

IMG_6214I love this kid!

end of summer

September 5, 2009

This is our last offical weekend of summer before Jay starts school on Tuesday. A few things have kept us busy these last couple of weeks.

First on my list of things to get done was creating a chore chart for Jay. I had visited my cousin Anitra and LOVED the charts she had made for her boys. So after taking pictures of hers and working on it, I have completed Jay’s chart. It hangs in the hallway. He is able to flip the picture card over after completing a chore to show the check mark. So far he seems to be doing well. We are still working on the making the bed one, but I think once school gets going we will get back into our morning routines a little better.IMG_5703


The next project I worked on was weeding out old toys from Jay’s room and packing them away for Kellen or donating them. Next summer Jay’s room is going to get a big boy makeover, but for now, I just wanted to really stream line all his stuff. We did end up moving a bookcase and his glider and he really likes it. ***Side note *** I asked Jay if he was ready to take his glider out of his room and he said, “NO! That is my love place!” This glider has been in his room since he was a baby. When Kellen was born we actually bought another glider (thanks Craig’s List) for Kellen’s room because Jay still needed his. I have told him that next summer it is coming out so that we can make room for a desk and his big boy room makeover. Too cute!!!IMG_5699


And finally, Jay got his first really bad road rash last weekend while trying out a skateboard when we were down at the Mosher’s place last weekend. There was lots of crying (I would have too if it happened to me) but overall he was really brave as we cleaned up the wound and bandaged him up. I guess I’ll hold off on those Sears portraits of the siblings at 7 years & 18 months until the cheek heals!!!IMG_5686

Birthday Recap

August 23, 2009

So my Jay turned 7 yesterday. His day started out with homemade chocolate chip pancakes and scrambled eggs!IMG_5560Then we spent time that morning opening gifts from us, and playing the birthday song rendition that my friend Holli has played for me for the last 19 years I’ve known her. (Holli only has this song on vinyl and her mom played it for her growing up. I recorded it on my iPod a few years ago. The song is now a birthday tradition in our home.)[ ?posts_id=2529177&dest=-1]

Next it was off to mini golf in the afternoon for the much anticipated party! As you can see from the photo there were 14 kids in total. Of those 14, 4 were boys. Hmmmm!


Fun was had on the golf course, and everyone ended up a winner!






Jay helped me decorate and fill the goody bags with candy. See how the 7 is suppose to look like a lego???

Can’tcha tell????IMG_5558



While we were in Texas visiting Debs, we had a little celebration for Jay so they could give him their present. You can’t really see in this photo, but Emma is wearing two pony tails that I put in for her!!! Adorable!


In Texas we took a factory tour of “Blue Bell Ice Cream.” They make totally yummy ice cream that you can’t get in California. So of course we bought some for Jay’s birthday.

I really like how Debbie is showing off the Blue Bells!!!! Ha, Ha!


While visiting in Texas, we traded date nights. So when Debs and Barry went out we took the kids mini golfing! We figured it would be a chance for Emma to golf with Jay for his birthday!!!!


So the celebrating comes to an end.

We our so proud of how Jay is growing and developing. He is such a neat little boy and a loving brother.

I feel so blessed that he is my son!



August 22, 2009

That’s right, my little boy turns 7 today! It seems like just yesterday I snapped this picture of Mike and Jay in the hospital.


7 years I’ve been a mother.

7 years I’ve  worn my heart on my sleeve.

7 years of the best blessing.

Happy Birthday, Jay bird!


It’s a Vulture Droid

July 30, 2009

Jay made this “vulture droid” out of water bottles, paper, tape and markers. He insisted that I take two pictures of it and post it on our blog. He also came up with the title to this post. So here ya go:



1st grade graduate

June 17, 2009

Last week marked the end of first grade for Jay. I can’t believe he’s going into 2nd grade in September!! It seems like he is growing so quickly now. He had a great year and loved his teacher Mrs. Bianco. It is truly amazing to watch an emergent reader at the start of the year, blossom into a full fledged reader by the end!!! 


Here is Jay on the first day of first grade.IMG_3058

And here he is on the last day of first grade!

last day first grade

Jay really enjoyed Mrs. Bianco as his first grade teacher.

IMG_4811Jay is also fond of his principal, Mrs. Dailey! She came to his school as principal the year Jay started kindergarten, so they’ve been at Wagner the same length of time!


Jay’s first grade starting height was 45.5 inches and he weighed 45.4 pounds. By June he is now 49.4 inches and 49.6 pounds!

That means Jay grew 4 inches and 4 pounds in first grade. 

This mama duck is looking forward to summer and keeping all her baby ducks close by! Jay is at such a fun age and I can’t wait to have a fantastic summer with him.

Just love this little boy!