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field trip

May 7, 2010

Today Jay’s class took a field trip to the Heritage Museum with a tour of the Kellogg house. The class has been studying what life was like a hundred years ago. I was so glad to go on Jay’s first big field trip of his school career. Sure they walked to the local high school in first grade to see a play, and they also took a bus tour of Brea to see sculptures. But this was an all day truly educational field trip. I had never heard of this museum or house, and let me tell you, I was impressed. What a little gem of a place. Our docent was fabulous and the kids got to do so many things. They played the pump organ, piano, tried out the phone, made butter then tasted it, washed clothes in a bucket then ran it though the wringer, made a paper quilt square, played with “old” toys, and watched a blacksmith demonstration! I know –  awesome!

There were five of us moms on the trip, and yes, I was “that” mom that took tons of photos. I even had one of the other 2nd graders take this picture of me and Jay on the bus getting ready to go.

Trying out the pump organ.

Wringing out those wet clothes.

Watching the blacksmith demonstrate some of his trade.

Here’s the class at 1:30pm just before heading back to school. Yep, this is when my headache started and I totally needed protein or coffee or both. But really I was so glad to be there.

And by the way, Jay’s favorite part was watching the blacksmith make a nail and demonstrate branding.


open house 2010

March 19, 2010

So after missy girl got her swing on, Jay’s school’s open house officially began. Now back in the day when I was teaching, I LOVED Open House. It was rewarding for me as a teacher to have my students share with their parents the projects we’d worked on and get to chat with my families.

Now that I’m on the otherside, I LOVE going to Jay’s open house.

I volunteered to teach one of my all time favorite art lessons to Jay’s class. And here they are, Modigliani inspired self-portraits! (All my teacher friends know that this is a lesson I’ve done forever with my 5th graders and kinders! I was glad  to share it with Jay’s class.) Don’t they look cool?

Here’s my goofy kid posing next to his self-portriat.

And what kid doesn’t love sitting in the teacher’s chair?

(Another thing I love about Jay’s teacher this year is that he actually plays his guitar and sings with the kids.)

Jay and his teacher, Mr. Hanna. We are so pleased with Jay’s progress this year. I truly believe that in every school there are great teachers and not-so-great teachers. Jay has been blessed with a great one. We are so thankful for such an awesome teacher for our boy.

Oh and by the way, the shirt Jay is wearing is my old t-shirt from when I was in elementary school. Go Landell!

First day, 2nd grade

September 8, 2009


How is it that my boy is now in 2nd grade???? He really did some growing this summer and I can sure see a big difference between the end of first grade and now. I’m so proud of him. I had mixed emotions today, sending him off. He seemed to enjoy his teacher, but felt a little shy with all his classmates again. I’m sure he’ll warm up quickly enough. I know 2nd grade will be a great year . . . I just missed my boy today (and so did his sister.)  Oh and in case you were wondering, the apple was for his teacher, and the flower for his principal! (Gotta start off on the right foot with everyone.)

Here is Jay with his teacher, Mr. Hanna.Jay and Mr. Hanna

The traditional picture in front of the sign had to happen after school today because this morning was so busy with everyone coming for the first day.IMG_5748

And of course, Miss Kellen needed to get in on the action!IMG_5751

let the summer begin!

June 12, 2008

My little boy finished kindergarten today. He had such a great teacher (Mrs. L was the BEST!) and really enjoyed his year. It is funny to think back that at the beginning of kindergarten I was pregnant, and now at the end little Kellen is with us! So much happened.  Jay’s quite the beginning reader now, I’m sure he’d read you a story if you let him. I will miss kindergarten . . . it truly is one of the most magical years!

Jay cracks us up much of the time.  While driving to Costco the other day we took the route that would follow the train tracks. There is a section of the tracks that has recently had a wall built in front of the tracks with newly planted trees to “beautify” the road. From the back seat I hear an appalled Jay say, “I can’t believe they built a wall there! I can’t see the trains, (dramatic pause) and I LOVE trains.”

Tonight we met up with Mike’s friend from college, Farah and her hubby and adorable daughter. They were on holiday from the UK visiting Disneyland. It was great seeing them after so many years. The ironic thing is that this weekend they leave to go visit Farrah’s parents in Texas. Turns out her folks live in the same area that my sister moved to last February! 

Tea for Two

March 21, 2008

Jay’s class hosted a “Mother’s Tea” the other day, complete with refreshments, entertainment, a tulip walk, and my favorite . . . large hats for the mama’s to wear! Jay had been singing his songs around the house for days, and so I was eager to see and hear the performance. He did a great job, and used polite manners as he served me cake & punch and escorted me around the kindergarten garden where all the tulips are growing. We watched the video several times that day, and showed daddy when he got home. Makes you just love kindergarten and this sweet time of life.