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February 20, 2011

this sweet child turns three today.

some expressions just haven’t changed . . .

happy birthday sweet kellen!


non student day!

December 9, 2010

since jay had a day off on wednesday, grandma arranged for us to enjoy disneyland. here are some of the highlights.


April 15, 2010

Last week Jay was on spring break. Mike really wanted to take him to the snow and go skiing. So last Thursday they left the house at dark thirty and headed to Snow Valley. Jay loved his lessons and loved skiing with his Dad the rest of the day. The part I thought was the most hilarious was the fact that Mike was so sore. I mean really sore. He even popped his knee while trying on the boots to rent. I don’t know what it says about me, but I thought this little detail was so funny. I mean really funny. He has recovered, and is now back to walking normally.

Note to self  . . . or Mike. Next time Jay goes skiing, make sure he wears long socks and not his normal ankle socks. Poor guy had scrapes from his boots on his shins. But the little trooper didn’t complain a bit.

giada love

March 31, 2010

Tonight for dinner I made Giada’s Chicken Parmesan. I’ve made this dish before and it is super easy.  When I first read the recipe I thought it would be too much work. To my surprise, I found a link with the recipe to watch a video of Giada making it. Okay, let me see Giada do it.  Once I saw her actually make it, and tell me I “could use my favorite jarred marinara sauce,” I knew I could do it too. So if you need a new recipe, give this one a go. Tell me how you like it.

Bon Appetit!

CUE 2010

March 7, 2010

We just got back from the CUE conference in Palm Springs. This is the conference that CUE puts on once a year. It is a huge endeavor. Mike and the CUE staff did a great job and from my persepective, did a fabulous job. The kids and I drove out on Thursday and stayed until Saturday night, when we all came home. Thursday night was the “CUE ball” and the Mike’s band, Red Pen played. As you can see from the picture, Jay danced the night away.

Because Mike was working so hard, I had planned to take the kids to do something on Friday. We visited the Living Desert which is basically a zoo. It was really enjoyable and we all especially enjoyed the miniture train set they have. It is a huge outdoor set up with lots of details.

The exhibit hall looked great, and my favorite part of the conference was meeting Peter Reynolds and Rachel Coleman. Peter is a wonderful author and illustrator. He has done the conference art for many years. Rachel is from Signing Time and Jay and Kellen love her, so do I.

A highlight for Mike was being surprised by winning a Gold Disk award.  The Gold Disk is CUE’s oldest recognition program. The first Gold Disk was awarded in 1983 and since that time many members of the organization have received this honor. A Gold Disk is recognition of the recipient’s contributions to CUE and to technology in learning. Mike was totally surprised by this and deeply touched. I’m so glad we were there to witness this, because they did not tell even me that he was getting this award! It wasn’t until the night before Marisol mentioned it would be nice if I could make it to the general session. When I found out it was at 8am, and told her,”we’d try, but might not make it.” Then she really encouraged me to make it and I got the heads-up. I’m so glad we made the effort to be there for Mike. We are so proud of him.

It was a great time in Palm Springs, but it is good to be home. Mike did a great job, and it is fun to go be a part of CUE during the conference.

Spit Spot

February 23, 2010

Today at Disneyland we met Mary Poppins. In all my years of visiting Disneyland, I’ve never seen Mary. I fell in love with Mary Poppins when Jay was two and we watched the movie. I don’t think I had ever seen the movie before then and if I had, I didn’t recall the storyline. I loved the story so much that on a trip to NYC I even bought a hardcover copy of the book. When Jay and I used to watch it he cracked me up dancing to the “step in time” number. As Jay has gotten older (7) his love for Mary has wanned.  He still appreciates Mary Poppins, but has moved on to Star Wars and Toy Story. I half joke with him that next year for Halloween Kellen will by Mary Poppins and he will be Burt! Can’t you just see it? I know, me too! But my son will have none of it.

Anyway, at Disneyland today, I was beside myself when Mary and Burt were greeting folks. I promptly got in line and tried to figure out a way to have Jay take my picture with Mary and Burt, but Kellen was being completely clingy and didn’t want down, so I settled with taking their picture with Mary and Burt. (The things we give up for our kids.) Kellen has yet to be introduced to all the Mary goodness, but I think they got off to a good start.


February 21, 2010

Yesterday my little Kellen turned two! We celebrated her with dear friends and family. She has brought so much joy to our family. We are so thankful for her.

The Look

November 30, 2009

Our dear little girl has what can only be described as “the look.” I don’t know how this started, but it cracks us up. She will totally do it when asked, “Kellen, give me the look.” What do you think?

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Jay interviews Papa

November 29, 2009

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Jay had an assignment to interview a relative over Thanksgiving weekend. He had a set of questions, but like any good interviewer, Jay saw fit to add in follow-up questions and share his personal observations as well. Thanks for sitting down for the interview, Dad!

little ben

July 24, 2009

On 07.08.09 (cool huh?) my dear friend, Eileen had her third baby, Benjamin. Eileen and I have been through a lot of life together. We’ve know each other since 5th grade, we traveled to England on a semester abroad program, we were roommates for 3 years, and we had our baby girls 10 weeks apart. Needless to say, when Eileen found out she was pregnant with number three, I knew I wanted to make her something special.

When I was in Texas last January visiting Debs, she took me to “Hobby Lobby” (a type of Michael’s store only WAY better) to pick out yarn. It was fun to have Debbie’s opinion on color combos. The yarn came from Texas, the pattern came from a book from the library, and the end product turned out pretty well.

A blanket for Ben.


After Eileen came home from the hospital, a few days later I brought over dinner and the blanket. Look how tiny he is . . . they just get big so fast!


Here is the new family of five: Eileen (beautiful), Ben (5 days old), Gary (young at heart), Gracie (19 months), and Colin (3 years 11 months)!


I was so honored to actually be present when Ben made his entrance. I remember talking to Eileen on the phone last fall when she thought “no way can I be pregnant,” to helping her welcome this blessing. I think I lived my third pregnancy vicariously through her (because let’s face it, there is a reason people have children in their 20’s, oy vey!) so this little guy was special to me right from the beginning.

I’m so blessed to do life with Eileen, a true kindred spirit . . . and inspiring mama of three! Love you Auntie I!