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I [heart] Seal Beach

September 6, 2009

Last night we headed down to Seal Beach. It seems like every year we have this tradition of going to the beach in the evening right before school starts. Kind of a celebrations of the start of school and a way of saying goodbye to summer. The last two years we’ve gone to Balboa Island, but this year I’ve been having an itch to go to Seal Beach. I grew up in Cypress and Seal Beach was my beach growing up. I have such good memories of that beach and was even a member of the winning team of a 4-man volleyball tourney on Dolphin Ave. This must have been 1991 or 92???

Anywhoo . . . we went with the plan to walk down the pier. I had forgotten how COLD and WINDY the pier gets, so we didn’t make it all the way, but it sure was beautiful. What was new to me was the little playground! So cute with all the tiles. We even found the tile of my doctor’s family who delievered both Jay and Kellen!! (Nicest doctor in the world!)IMG_5711


Dr. Bustillo’s tile is right above Kellen’s head in this photo on the top!


Being down in Seal Beach brought back such fond memories. Even driving down Los Al Blvd. brought back lots of old youth group memories. Ahhhh, what a nice way to say good bye to summer!


end of summer

September 5, 2009

This is our last offical weekend of summer before Jay starts school on Tuesday. A few things have kept us busy these last couple of weeks.

First on my list of things to get done was creating a chore chart for Jay. I had visited my cousin Anitra and LOVED the charts she had made for her boys. So after taking pictures of hers and working on it, I have completed Jay’s chart. It hangs in the hallway. He is able to flip the picture card over after completing a chore to show the check mark. So far he seems to be doing well. We are still working on the making the bed one, but I think once school gets going we will get back into our morning routines a little better.IMG_5703


The next project I worked on was weeding out old toys from Jay’s room and packing them away for Kellen or donating them. Next summer Jay’s room is going to get a big boy makeover, but for now, I just wanted to really stream line all his stuff. We did end up moving a bookcase and his glider and he really likes it. ***Side note *** I asked Jay if he was ready to take his glider out of his room and he said, “NO! That is my love place!” This glider has been in his room since he was a baby. When Kellen was born we actually bought another glider (thanks Craig’s List) for Kellen’s room because Jay still needed his. I have told him that next summer it is coming out so that we can make room for a desk and his big boy room makeover. Too cute!!!IMG_5699


And finally, Jay got his first really bad road rash last weekend while trying out a skateboard when we were down at the Mosher’s place last weekend. There was lots of crying (I would have too if it happened to me) but overall he was really brave as we cleaned up the wound and bandaged him up. I guess I’ll hold off on those Sears portraits of the siblings at 7 years & 18 months until the cheek heals!!!IMG_5686